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AI Automation & Cloud Storage in Wilmington, DE

Real-Time Analytics:AI Automation

Recording systems now can analyze live and recorded videos. By “analyze” we mean that these systems will provide notifications for live events that meet your criteria…for example if a vehicle with a specific license plate enters your property a notification will be sent to a user on your system, or a group of users, or may activate a gate, sound an alarm, etc.
What does this mean for you???
Delaware Camera Systems can program these systems to alert you of human activity outside of normal business hours, sound an alarm at your site, or even play a pre-recorded message or even communicate with the individual. This system will continue to record motion events, however only alert you when a person is on your property!
This makes your system proactive instead of reactive.

Recording Analytics:

We all love searching video for record events…yeah right! These systems will search your video for you!
It can be as simple as inputting a time frame for a camera system, or as advanced as entering colors of clothing, articles (briefcase/backpack), vehicles, people, and so many other criteria that are too lengthy to list!
The best part is now you can transfer that video as a link to an email address. Say goodbye to USB sticks, cloud links (through other apps), etc., these systems can do these functions just though one app!

Cloud Storage:

The analytic features above rely on cloud storage. However, you just may be interested in storing video without all the fancy features above and protecting some of your budget. With that in mind here are few things to think about…
The more data you store the more expensive storage will be. Data is made up by your cameras resolution, how many frames per second you are recording at, etc. (An 8 megapixel takes up twice the storage space than a 4 megapixel camera over the same period of time
Some of our customers have chosen to decrease either frames per second or resolution to still have the ability to send recordings in an much easier manner and more quickly.
We can backup your video in the Cloud:
You may have a local recording system. With a Cloud solution you can provide redundancy to your surveillance system. Your video is now available in the event of a hard drive failure, or worse a total system failure. Also, you may opt to keep all your video in the Cloud keep prying eyes away from your locally stored video thus reducing the footprint of your IT room.

Green Power:

Do not let power concerns deter you from having the security you need! With the use of the sun and wind we can provide a solution for you. With using the latest wireless technology your camera can be linked to your phone, tablet, or computer. Coupling the analytics features above you can “virtually” be at that remote location protecting your assets.
We will design a system to meet the power requirements based in the area you want to protect. Systems can even be designed to last days without sun based on new battery technology. Contact us today to get started!